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This is the second symposium on the same topic following the first symposium that was held in December 2019 at the same venue. This 2nd Symposium will include contributions by the younger generations of researchers in the development of new concepts and methods of reliability engineering or their innovative applications in engineering.  


The performance reliability and/or safety of built infrastructure systems are issues that are of paramount or major concern to all disciplines of engineering. Invariably, the determination of the reliability or safety of any engineering system must be considered or evaluated under conditions of uncertainty, and thus requires quantitative assessment in terms of probability. In other words, in light of uncertainty, it is virtually impossible to ensure absolute performance reliability and/or safety of an engineering system – i.e., realistically, these issues may be ascertained only in terms of probability. And such issues are common and important in all disciplines of engineering. An international symposium is organized to address many of the relevant issues related to major civil infrastructure systems. 


Engineers concerned with, or have interest in, the safety and integrity of infrastructural systems can and should benefit in attending the Symposium. These would include engineers-in-practice, engineering professors, engineers in government, and engineering students.

Technical Program

The technical program of the Symposium will consist of the following:

  • Invited keynotes – by international and domestic experts

  • Organized sessions – organized by invitations 

  • Contributed papers


The main thrust of the technical program is to emphasized the ongoing and emerging applications of reliability-based technology in a number of major infrastructure systems. To this end, national and international experts in the a number of application areas are invited to present their respective expertise, and special technical sessions are organized (by invitations) to expand on the various application areas.

Social Program

A Welcome Reception, a Banquet and a Post-Symposium Tour are planned as part of the Social Program. Spouses and children of all authors and all registered participants are welcome at both events. 

Language and Publications

All presentations will be in English, and all papers for publication in the Proceedings of the Symposium must be prepared and submitted in English. 

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